Maker V-10

LAUDS Factory

With digital production technologies and traditional craftsmanship, Maker V-10 is a meeting place for people with different backgrounds and interests. Our ever-evolving facilities is made for entrepreneurs who are curious and open to exploring new opportunities and pushing the boundaries of urban and local production in a globalised world.

The current way products are designed, developed, and manufactured is outdated and unsustainable. We believe that a paradigm shift is needed, and we approach this by providing a physical space for research, innovation, prototyping and local production.

At Maker, we empower the next wave of creators and physical entrepreneurs, those who will serve as the driving force behind a more circular future. We do this by providing access to a space where anyone can build, share and learn, nurturing a culture of innovation-by-collaboration within our community.
We are diverse, professional, approachable and cross-disciplinary at the core and we embody this through our urban presence: our open lab for sustainable product development in Copenhagen.

Perhaps it's something for you?
We are looking for hybrid teams that are curious and open minded and with a willingness to test and reiterate on a product/solution together with us and the rest of the community in both formal and informal settings. The end goal is to be able to perform a small-scale production of the product. In our efforts to transform our facilities into a LAUDS Factory, we also expect the hybrid teams to actively engage in the discussions around aspects such as being local, accessible, urban, digital and sustainable.

Resources and technology available to the hybrid teams

At Maker V-10 we can offer office- and co-work facilities as well as fully equipped workshops in the center of Copenhagen. Furthermore, we encourage the hybrid teams to participate in community events and activities to be inspired and be able to inspire others in an innovative environment.

Maker V-10 is based on the principle of accessibility of machines, equipment and a knowledge pool of members and community affiliates. Here, everyone comes to experiment and prototype - not to hand over the drawings and sketches to others to prototype or produce. However, we can assist in the initial designs and guide you to people in our community and network that might have the right skills.

We have a wide range of workshops and machines including wood-, metal- and plastic workshops, CNC mills, laser cutters, 3D printers, textile- and material labs and a professional photo studio and event space for large scale prototypes, exhibitions, symposiums etc. For the full list please visit Facilities in V-10: Professional workshop for entrepreneurs.

Period for cooperation

Experiments may be implemented between October 2024 and September 2025. Maker V-10 is available to cooperate directly with the hybrid team from October 2024 to January 2025.