Interview to Malte Hertz Jansen Maker V10


How can you learn more about LAUDS Factories? Read the interview with one of the key protagonists: Malte Hertz Jansen, founder of Maker V10, a collaborative workshop and circular knowledge hub driving sustainable solutions in Copenhagen.

What LAUDS means and how do you envision the future of production in Europe?

LAUDS represents a revolutionary concept in modern manufacturing and community-driven innovation. At Maker, since 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting physical entrepreneurship and sustainable product development. Our mission has been to provide accessible workshop facilities and a safe space for entrepreneurs and startups to develop their products. This accessibility is precisely what LAUDS embodies for Maker: the ability to leverage physical infrastructure to empower everyone to become potential entrepreneurs—whether starting with an idea on a napkin or using engineering expertise to create the next groundbreaking sustainable solution.

The natural next step in this journey, both in Denmark and across Europe, is to enable more production within urban areas. This ambition requires physical space, but more importantly, it demands that we conceptualize and cultivate a shared vision of LAUDS factories among a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including cities, municipalities, companies, and investment funds. By collaborating, we can build a productive Europe, a Europe that will stand much stronger in the future.

In envisioning the future of production in Europe, we see LAUDS factories as central hubs of innovation and sustainability. These factories will be embedded within urban landscapes, revitalizing old buildings and integrating advanced digital manufacturing technologies. They will foster a culture of community and collaboration, where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn, create, and innovate.

What’s the role of Maker V10?

Maker V10 is a collaborative workshop and circular knowledge hub driving sustainable solutions.
We know that the current way products are designed, developed, and manufactured is outdated and unsustainable. We believe that a paradigm shift is needed, and we approach this by providing a physical space for research, innovation, prototyping and local production.

At Maker, we empower the next wave of creators and physical entrepreneurs, those who will serve as the driving force behind a more circular future. We do this by providing access to a space where anyone can build, share and learn, nurturing a culture of innovation-by-collaboration within our community.

We are diverse, professional, approachable and cross-disciplinary at the core and we embody this through our urban presence: our open lab for sustainable product development in Copenhagen.

What expertise you can offer?

We offer a variety of options tailored to meet the needs of a diverse range of individuals, from creative freelancers and startups to hobbyists and established companies.

With digital production technologies and traditional craftsmanship, V-10 is a meeting place for people with different backgrounds and interests. Our ever evolving facilities is made for entrepreneurs and companies who are curious and open to exploring new opportunities and pushing the boundaries of urban and local production in a globalised world.

Join the community at V-10, where we focus on product development, business, design and tech. Here, you will have access to our co-working area, all machines and tools, including 3D printers, lasers, CNC milling machines, power tools, and more. Additionally, we offer common materials such as plywood, MDF, cardboard, acrylic, and more.